Workshops of this kind emerged during the 1960s in the United Kingdom, with Study Groups with Industry in Oxford. Currently this type of workshops are held in the main universities in the world. The first Workshop on Industrial Problem Solving (SPI) emerged in 2008 as an initiative of the Coordination of Technological Services of CIMAT to promote the collaboration between the academy and the industrial and business sectors. Since then, a total of twelve workshops have been held, in which 64 industrial and business problems from various areas have been analyzed. We have had the participation of 51 companies and institutions from the public, private and social sectors, who have been offered proposals for solutions and feasibility studies. Since the beginning, the philosophy of this workshop has been based on two aspects:

“Provide professionals the opportunity to learn and apply mathematical modeling techniques under the supervision of an expert researcher in the field."
“Establish connections between the company needs and the generation of innovative solutions provided by expert academics.”


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